What makes Kedge different?

From our beginnings in the late 1960s, NTDE has provided customers with hundreds of the world's finest products, services, and brands. We take the time and care to ensure every product delivers outstanding durability and performance to fuel your passion for cooking, whether at home or in a commercial environment.

Commitment to the Craft

Exceptional craftsmanship and the materials with which they're made. Our collection is continually improved to keep up with cooking trends and innovative technologies to be energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and sustainable.

Only the best

We imported, distribute a range of products guaranteeing high quality from global brands and manufacturers that are trusted, reliable and meet high B2B standards. Moreover, our products preserve all foods' minerals, textures and nutrients providing healthy, safe, and tasty food every time.

Outstanding Reach

Our products can be shipped anywhere rapidly with a Pan GCC broad reach with service, support, spares, and after-sales to match.


With over 7,300 customers and 100 significant brands that NTDE servers, our partners similarly trust Kedge, which draws its standards from NTDE to deliver high quality and commitment to customer excellence. Kedge continues this tradition and follows the same mandate.


Kedge guarantees that its products meet the highest standards of quality is never compromised. We want clients to take our products for granted. Therefore, we ensure that all Kedge products and brand partners are chosen carefully.

Social Responsibility

Kedge is a part of the NTDE Group. As an independent family company, the third-generation we work closely, socially responsible offerings that create value for the market we serve, work ethically and make our products as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible