The Kedge Assurance

Your kitchen, your edge. Kedge achieves that by combining the best quality with custom designs to offer a premium selection of hospitality goods. There's a great reason the region's F&B Directors, procurement managers, Directors, Hotel & Restaurant managers trust Kedge.

They get the confidence and assurance of NTDE, our parent company. Customers, brands, and partners have trusted for over 50 years of service and the high quality, reliability, and ecosystem they take for granted. Kedge carries this forward.

The Edge

Every kitchen needs


Our range is made from the finest material, sturdy construction, classy design, and dependable chefs can take quality for granted. Built from durable non-stick aluminium, porcelain, steel, copper or glass, our products are engineered to meet today's demanding kitchens and last long.


We don't just sell but work with our Horeca clients to understand their needs, propose a custom package, strategy and provide turnkey solutions.


As specialists, we offer thousands of SKUs that include complete range from knives and cutleries to kitchenware and buffetware with a comprehensive portfolio to support the Horeca ecosystem - from food, distribution, logistics and shipping.


All our products are backed by warranty, excellent customer service and quality assurance. Our team is available for support, after-sales, spares, and assistance with UAE and Oman-wide reach.